Leisure time

Leisure time

Kondrau and surrounding area

The Stiftland and the Fichtel Mountains have a lot to offer. There is something for everybody. The guest folder, that you can find in every room, is prepared with loving attention and shows many destinations and attractions in detail. Thus, it will be easier for you to plan your vacation and get some inspiration. Here you can see a small excerpt!

In Waldsassen

The basilica in Waldsassen is one of the most important and magnificent baroque churches in southern Germany. Many concerts of well-known artists and chorus take place there regularly. Right next door there is the world-famous Abby Library. It belongs to the abbey of Cistercians in Waldsassen and represents one of the most popular destinations in Upper Palatinate. The library shows a wide range of equipment, which is unique looking at its art and contents. The convent garden as well as the abbey shop are worth a visit. But not only culturally Waldsassen has a lot to offer, there are also many other activities from the categories nature and fun. The new outdoor swimming pool in Waldsassen offers great fun for the whole family. The Environmental station offers the rental of kajaks for boat trips in the Wondreb. A little bit more relaxed are the llama walks. Or how about a visit of the ostrich farm? The wooded areas around Waldsassen offer various possibilities for hikers. If you want to try the famous lebkuchens adored by Gloria, Princess of Thurn and Taxis, you can do this in the resident family-run business.

Around Waldsassen

The beautiful church called Kappl is located on the Glasberg, which is about 8 kilometres away from Kondrau, and belongs to the small parish of Münchenreuth. Because of its circular building and its rich ornamentation and paintings it is worth a visit. It is the mostly printed motive from the Stiftland. Many people know Konnersreuth because of famous “Konnersreuther Resl”. Therese Neumann regularly had to suffer the Passion of Christ in her life and was haunted by visions. Her birthplace as well as her garden can be visited. Only a few kilometres away from Kondrau, there is the city of Eger. The marketplace in our neighbouring town Eger in the Czech Republic also offers several attractions. The famous “Stöckl” (Špalíček) is a tourist magnet. Eger is one of the oldest cities in the Czech Republic and worth a visit. The magnificent promenades of Franzensbad, Marienbad and Karlsbad are lovely. The small cafés are perfect for staying and relaxing. From Whitsun to October, the tourist information office offers several trips to Prague. For the more adventurous traveller, there is the possibility of go-carting in Eger or playing minigolf, jumping on the giant trampolines and having fun at the summer toboggan run on the Freizeithugl in Großbüchlberg. If you want some relaxation you can visit the Sibyllenbad near Neualbenreuth. Many different massages and other treatments can be booked in advance. The baths are equipped with an exercise pool, a Turkish bath and a sauna area. The Tillenberg near Neualbenreuth and the Waldnaabtal offer extensive trails.

Further away

The concentration camp in Flossenbürg is a must for visitors that are interested in history and those who want to come to terms with the past. Near Wunsiedel, you can visit the in our region well-known rock labyrinth. It is the largest one in Europe. Here, huge rock formations pile up and can be crossed by using the small footbridges and narrow stairs. It is admired by young and old. The Luisenburg-Festspiele near Wunsiedel are unique in our region. It is the oldest open-air festival in Germany that is played by professional actors. Every year in the summer, it takes place on an unique outdoor stage at the bottom of the Felsenlabyrinth near Wunsiedel. The new history park in Bärnau represents life around the year 1000 AD in an impressive way. The Untreusee near Hof and the Ochsenkopf in the Fichtel Mountains provide a lot of fun. Here, you can visit a climbing park, toboggan or go skiing in winter. You see, you can have much fun here.